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1. First kiss: Robert
2. First love: real love... Mikey
3. First heartbreak: Wesley
4. First car: 1986 Buick LeSabre
5. First pet: Bo dog
6. First word: probably mama
7. First concert: new kids on the block
9. First alcoholic beverage: Boone's Farm Stawberry Hill
10. First time you stayed out all night: god, probably around 15 hanging out at waffle.
11. First best friend: Eric
12. First job: PacSun
13. First school: McAdory
12. First movie you watched in a theater: I can't remember.
13. First thing you really saved up money for: TLC cd
14. First run in with the Law: my first ticket in North Carolina, Jan '06


1. Last kiss: Mikey
2. Last person you hugged: Mikey
3. Last person you spoke to: Ralphfia
4. Last alcoholic beverage: Smirnoff Ice at Fox and Hound last night
5. Last sexual partner: Mikey
7. Last person you thought of: Ashley
8. Last school you went to: McAdory
9. Last person you said "i love u 2": Mikey
10. Last run in with the Law: my first was my last
11. Last fight you were in: i have no clue, and that's wonderful
12. Last bar/club/concert/party you went to: The Swan
13. Last person you e-mailed:a seller on ebay
14. Last thing you ate: A "Mile- High Chili" Firecracker at F&H
15. Last thing you saved up money for: Easter Dress



1. Next person you'll kiss: Mikey
2. Next movie you want to see: V for Vendetta
3. Next person you want to go out with: MIKEY!
4. Next car you want to have: quad cap Z71
5. Next time you're going out: probably tomorrow night.
6. Next time you're going to move: after Mike and I get married, maybe
7. Next thing you are going to save money for: paying off my car and the ticket from NC
8. Next time that you will drink alcohol: tomorrow night
9. Next person you are going to call: Mikey
10.Next place you'll take vacation: not sure, we'll see
11. Next thing you are going to do after filling this survey?: work
12. Next thing you are going to eat: ramen noodles
13. Next time you plan to be drunk: tomorrow
14. Next thing you are going to do outside: smoke
15. Next person you'd like to see fill this out: i don't care.
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