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Finally, something positive.....

So, I was written up at work Monday. I haven't met 50% of my quota in 2 months. That was just the 'kickintheass' I needed to get the fuck out of this job.

Since Mikey and I have been together, he has bought me several dozens of flowers. I have come to find that I truly enjoy arranging them and I'm pretty good at it. So, Mike's mom saved me the classifieds from Sunday's paper and I stumble across an ad for Norton's florist. Today, I called the jobline and they had openings for customer service and design apprentice. I filled out the online application and Mike faxed it for me on my break around 4:15pm today. So they called me back at 5pm!! I have an interview at 9:30 am on Wednesday!! The design apprentice is a part-time gig, so I am up to get BOTH the sales and design positions!! WOW! Also, my favorite part, the guy said "Yeh, come in around 9:45 or 10, if you run a little late, it's no big deal. We're pretty relaxed around here." OMFG! How amazing is that??

I told my boss and she's actually EXCITED for me. I'm sure it's mostly because if I go, the office's monthly quota goes down, but hey, this is a positive post.

WOOHOO! I really hope everything goes well. It would be insane to actually do something I LIKE to do AND get PAID for it!

Wish me luck!
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