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damn, it's been a while

It's been about 2 months since I've posted.. wow.

I finally quit the collection agency.

I went on the interview for Norton's florist and it wasnt worth it.

I worked at The Greenhouse Spa in the Summit as a shampoo tech and all around slave. That was a bust.. those rich bitches would pay upwards of $200 per visit and not tip me a dime. Huh.

Now again I am at Pizza Hut, where the rich bitches still don't tip very well, but at least I get a dollar a run. The apartments around here tip pretty well.

My paternal Uncle Benny died this morning. He had brain cancer and a lung disease, but it was a blood clot that killed him. For the last 3 years he had suffered from various health problems, so at least his suffering has come to an end.

I feel so numb about it. I havent even cried. I'm sure it will hit me at the funeral.

So here I sit. Alone at home.

Mike is managing the Pizza Hut again and the big CEO guy is visiting as I type. I hope it's going okay.

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  • 1 comment, used to be Advance PCS, i like it alright, overtime, 7-330, good pay, great benifits. it's on lakeshore.